Framing options, explained:
We can now offer you the option of having your print framed and ready to hang. Framing is now available for all of our prints; simply choose your frame finish and your frames will be made to your order.
You can choose from the following options:
White finish
Black finish
Bare Oak
Premium materials
Our Framers use premium mouldings made from real wood and result in durable frames with unmatched surface finishes. You'll also benefit from strong MDF backing, not cardboard and a crystal clear plexiglass, not styrene.
Greener suppliers 
Our framers ensure that all wooden mouldings are sourced from suppliers who hold the PEFC™ and FSC chain of custody certifications.
Unlike other frames found online, our unique Clarity+ glazing doesn't scratch easily, has a high UV resistance and doesn't yellow over time, so there's less to distract you from your picture
Flawless Corners
Experience seamless corner joints thanks to our 6 highly advanced saws which produce unparalleled, splinter-free mitres. Our primary saw is one of the only saws of its type in the country and can cut to an accuracy of 0.01cm.
We don't cut corners
Each time a moulding is selected and unwrapped for cutting by our expert sawyers it's inspected under intense white lights for grain uniformity, surface blemishes and colour variance.
Our high performance saw blades make effortless work of hardwoods and aluminium. The blades themselves are made from tungsten carbide, a material that's substantially stronger than titanium. This means that our framers use blades that stay sharper for longer. Additionally, most framing saws use blades with 24 teeth whilst our blades utilise 80 separate teeth resulting in frames that enjoy cleaner cuts.
Once the lengths have been cut to size they're checked for chips and perfect 45° mitres before progressing to pinning.
Pinning perfection
Robust underpinning is vital. Framers who simply glue corners together risk compromising the structural integrity of a frame, increasing the likelihood of it bowing out of shape. We use compressed gas to fire layers of metal pins deep into the moulding, which results in a sturdy frame that can withstand both the rigours of shipping and a lifetime on the wall.
Precision pinning
After each length has been cut to its exact size our pinning team inspect the moulding again. Each pinner receives about a months training from a GCF framer so they understand each individual frame and its qualities. By undergoing such intense training, we can guarantee that each corner is gap-free.

Of course, high-end equipment helps. So, each of our Cassese® Mach 4 machines can pin 3,360 frame corners per hour and its Smart Wedge Drive System™ ensures perfect corner alignment. Its powerful clamps, exerting over 100kg of pressure help to secure the frame in place throughout the process to allow the pins to be fired accurately into position.
Larger scale prints are dry mounted onto mounting boards.
All paper prints are produced using the giclée method. 
All pictures come ready to hang.
This is a made to order product, printed on Enhanced Matte quality paper, and finished in a handmade frame. We always recommend checking your wall space to ensure you're happy with your measurements. The lead time for this product is 5-7 days to allow time for your picture to be printed especially for you and mounted in its handmade frame.